Macgregor 26x Checklists

These are my pages specific to a Macgregor 26x sailboat:

  1. Prep boat at start of season
  2. Launching the boat
  3. Raise the mast
  4. Lower the mast
  5. Day sail checklist – safety gear
  6. Starting the outboard
  7. Transition from outboard to sails
  8. Transition from sails to outboard
  9. Docking
  10. Retrieving boat back onto trailer
  11. Winterize boat for end of season

I’m always interested in hearing your suggestions and feedback. Please leave a comment and I will try to incorporate them into my checklists.

One thought on “Macgregor 26x Checklists

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  1. We are newbies and I am SO grateful that you have been so kind to provide this!! You make the world a better place 🙂 🙏💕

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